This Project - What is it for?

It is for the emancipation of over 6 billion people. (As at 1st Jan. 2003)

We know that all the world really needs is to discover Self Realisation and Shri Mataji's blessings. But so far we did not work hard enough to tell people. There are too few Internet pages about Sahaja Yoga to bring it sufficiently in the public attention. Most people discover Sahaja Yoga as a result of yogis using traditional methods of publicity, such as leaflets, public programmes and word of mouth. The pace of 'expansion' around the world has been slow.

There are signs that a more open approach has started to bear fruit. In 2002 many yogis took to the streets with chairs and sandwich boards and gave realisation to people actually in the streets or in parks. The public were receptive, particularly in the UK, and that was even a surprise to many yogis. These sessions were typically at weekends and some yogis were busy the whole summer. If this style continues, it may be enough to attract the public attention to Sahaja Yoga!

Take the example of Manchester, UK, where the Commonwealth Games were held in the late summer of 2002: In about one week, over 2000 new people sat down to meditate in public areas. The base for this activity was a house in Manchester, with up to 20 yogis and yoginis staying there during the games. And there are still 2 new people involved with Sahaja Yoga in Manchester as a result. Now that is a success, comparatively! Yes, it is hard work.

We can work alongside traditional approaches and use the Internet for publicity, but the Sahaj sites have to be seen by people and the quality of the pages needs to be high. For that we need (a) many more sites (b) many large sites, because large sites attract the respect of search engines and directories (c) to make the creation of interesting new Sahaj websites easier. As for large sites, put a page by itself and on average it will have a low ranking in search results returned. But put the same page as part of a large site and it will have a much higher ranking against the same search criteria.

So it is a three step approach, as seen from the outside:

- People find Sahaja Yoga on the Internet
- Those who are impressed by what they see try Sahaja Yoga Meditation
- They make Sahaja Yoga part of their life

This project is addressing the first two steps. The key is that this project website will present a large number of high quality pages. These pages can be copied onto new websites and they can also be used as templates. For example, if there is a page presenting 'key facts' about a person or about a topic, that page's design can be used for facts about a different person or a different topic. Simply one needs to cut and paste modified content text to generate the new page and to alter the indexing information hidden within the page's source (called META text).
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