Swadisthan chakra with 6 petals and soundsThe second chakra is just above the Sacrum Bone, close to the body's Aortic Plexus. There are many alternative name forms currently in use. You can find Swadistan, Swadisthan, Svadhistana and Svadisthana Chakra, for example. When a name or a descriptive term originating in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit is converted into a more modern form, using English letters, there will be many possible spellings.

The left side of this chakra provides us with a subtle and intuitive understanding of the mechanisms by which divine energies produce their effects. This is not so much an intellectual understanding, but more a being in touch with those mechanisms and being able to influence or create the (positive) effects. Taking part in any activities which go against the workings of these pure spiritual energies will damage the chakra. Practises such as Black or (so-called) White Magic will cause heavy damage on the left side. That is an opinion only as we cannot offer scientific proof. Many activities will create harm if taught by false gurus or if practised in some form of developmental regime or group that is not authentically enlightened. Anti-biotics may also damage the left side of this chakra.

But how to know what is and what isn't enlightened? When this chakra is in good order you are able to discriminate as to what is enlightened as opposed to what is false. If your kundalini starts to awaken and becomes more regularly active you may begin to feel the effects of damage to your chakras as heat or various forms of discomfort on the surface of your body or inside it. But before the kundalini is awakened you might just experience different types of imbalance in your psyche or your physical being and you might be less aware of these imbalances than other people who observe unusual behaviour by you. Also you might become ill without anybody knowing why. The Bible asks a question about how people in the future will be able to detect false prophets and the answer given is that "You will know them by their fruits". So it may not be possible to discriminate rationally on the basis of what false people say or how they behave. The (bad) effect that they have on their followers (i.e. damaged chakras) will be the evidence.

Sensations on the thumbs or middle toes or upper arms particularly indicate the condition of the Swadisthan chakra. Even William Shakespeare mentions this in the play called "Macbeth". There are some scenes with three witches and in one of these Macbeth is approaching, but out of sight. One of the witches says: "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Shortly afterwards a door flies open and Macbeth is standing outside. The witch had sensed his arrival.

The right side of the chakra influences many physical processes in the organs of the lower abdomen. It is also associated with thinking, planning and creativity. If the chakra is out of order, creative energies may be directed towards vulgar purposes. If the chakra is strained or exhausted by excessive thinking there will be an increased susceptibility to diabetes and asthma.

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