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Guru Puja Speech 2001

Ignorance and Aggression

“… The thinking today of human beings is not at all deep. It is very superficial and that's how you find this world full of turmoil. Every day, every minute, you can find - they are killing so many human beings. They are torturing, on a very large scale. Formerly, of course, the saints were all tortured. Tortured by all kinds of different stupid ideas, I should say, of something being higher and something being lower. Something being good, something being bad.

Under such ideas they combined together and worked out all kind of aggression all over the world. All over. Not only that, but also in the families, in the institutions, in the organisations. Thinking that they were very right, they were very good and they tried to aggress other personalities.

So, many people thought: ‘It's better to fight it back.’ And they started fighting it out collectively - it doesn't work out. This fighting doesn't work out because fighting begets nothing but murders, killing. Thus many people were killed...

We have to accept that human beings are not at that level to understand what's wrong with them. They do not want to accept. To them, aggression is the only way they can propound their own goodness. So what is the solution? The solution is that we should give all of them Self Realisation. They should get their Self Realisation. Then only things will improve. Now, you might say that: ‘Mother, in those days of strife and struggle and fighting, it will work out. Circumstances will tell them. Life will be so difficult, with all the time weapons hanging on their heads, that they will have to also seek the truth.’ It has to be done very genuinely. If they are seeking the truth, they will be surprised that this world is one, all human beings are one and that is the destiny of human beings. But for that, so many are to be killed, so many are to be destroyed because they don't learn a lesson in an easy way?

Now your job is to give them Self Realisation and change the people. That's the real thing you have to do as gurus. But what are we doing? We come to Sahaja Yoga with what idea? We are working only on the periphery. Firstly, we are worried about ourselves. How we can prosper, how can we become better off? Also there is greed. We do not see ourselves. If we are aggressive, if we are trying to trouble others, if we have wrong ideas about ourselves, how we torture others.”


“So, first of all, you have to cleanse yourself and accept your own problems, your own misgivings. These are to be faced. And challenge yourself: ‘What are you doing? You are a Sahaja Yogi. How can you hate someone? How can you trouble someone? How can you torture someone?’

This is the beginning of introspection, it's very important. I can make out a person who meditates, in the real sense of the word, and the one who just 'meditates'. You should not deceive yourself. If you are deceiving yourself, then how can you become a guru? For becoming a good guru, you have to first of all be very honest within yourself and find out what are you doing, what are you up to, what have you done.

We have six enemies, as I have told you. And we justify all these enemies. We think: ‘It is all right! After all, I did this because of this. I had to do it.’ Somebody would say: ‘I was poor, so I had to be dishonest.’ Another would say that: ‘I had to tell lies.’ Another would say that: ‘I had to be immoral’. This is the biggest thing human beings have is justification! Animals don't have it. They have their fixed ideas, they have their fixed nature. But human beings can do all kinds of wrong things and can justify it. This justification doesn't help you in your ascent: ‘I did this because of that.’ It never helps you! One should try to introspect and see for oneself what is the justification…

Now what helps for this introspection is your sense of love. Can you love a person who is distressful? One who is aggressive? One who is hot-tempered? One who cheats you? Can you love such a person? You cannot. Then how can you love yourself, when you have these qualities, when you do this to yourself?

So the first thing is the pure love for yourself. Pure love. It's such a great thing to have pure love. Like, you may like to have a very nice bed to sleep. You may like to have a very beautiful house. You may like to have all the wealth of the world. But, all this, will it make you love yourself? If you love yourself, you don't want anything! Because you enjoy your Self! To enjoy your Self is the greatest enjoyment…”

A Guru is Pure

“So, from love we go to another point, which is purity. And the purity is a subject, which has been talked about by many people. That you should be pure, you should be absolutely open and people should know everything about you. I don't think that is purity. Purity is that which purifies others. If you are a pure person, then others will be purified. They have to be purified.

Now supposing you have certain ideas about yourself. You think that you are very highly placed as a Sahaja Yogi and that you are full of love. Maybe it's all imaginary. Does it purify others? Does your purity purify others? Can it give them awakening? Can they be realised souls? And then, how much do you value the purity, the power of purity? And how many people you give realisation to? Or you have kept it to yourself? How many places you have been to spread this purity? Purity has to be spread and without any doubt in your own purity, you should do it because it's a very, very powerful thing.

Purity is very powerful. It may not act on one or two persons, doesn't matter. There could be some very, very nasty, horrible fellows, doesn't matter. But it will have an effect on very many sensitive persons, who want to become Sahaja Yogis. You have to just test it. How people like you and how they are impressed by you?

The Paramchaitanya, this all-pervading power of divine love, flows through you because you are pure. If you are impure, then it will stop at different chakras. It won't work. So purity of temperament, purity of love. What does that mean? That you love somebody because that person has got spirituality! You love that person because there is purity and you go to places just to spread the purity among them. A pure person will never create a problem. It's the impure person who every day can start with this problem or that problem.

So the character of a Yogi is to worship the purity of your own and the purity of others. It's true that we have to face ourselves every day. It's true that we have to correct ourselves every day. It's true that we have to separate ourselves from ourselves, to see how far we have done, how far we have gone. What are we doing? What have we done?...

All this introspection within you should be with a very clean heart and understanding. Because you are not incarnations, who are born absolutely pure, but you are human beings and you are rising to the level of those incarnations. So you have to cleanse. You have to watch yourself. See for yourself and then understand. If you are a Sahaja Yogi, have you got the beauty of purity and love?”…

[The speech lasted roughly 47-48 minutes. There is much additional material on the theme of love.]

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