Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, red and gold shawl

"Put Your Attention to Your Spirit"
March 1998, New Delhi, India

The Error and the Solution

"... To understand Sahaja Yoga, we should know where are we today, in this Kali Yuga. What are we facing today?... Collectively and countrywise, anywhere you go, you find some sort of a confusion. Terrible! The whole society seems to be boiling with a kind of a fear of destruction. What is the reason?...

We have a human awareness, no doubt. In that awareness, we start seeing all kinds of things that are not good, which are destructive, which are disturbing. If it does not disturb you, that means you are not at all a sensitive person. But you are sensitive as a human being. So now what is the reason for this? In every field of life, whether it is political, economic or any field of life in which human beings are living, there is a very subtle problem, which people don't understand. Now, if I say that: 'There is spirit within us. It shines in our heart.' you need not believe me. But our attention is not on the spirit. They call it 'Atma Vimukti'. Our attention is outside. At the stage of human awareness, our attention is outside, outside in various things. Now where should our attention go? To evolve for what? To achieve what? Firstly, our attention has to go towards our spirit, towards spiritual understanding. This is one thing that has to happen to human beings, to begin with. Otherwise our attention is outside. We are worried about money, worried about power, worried about this, worried about that, in competition and all the things that are going on. But if your attention is turned, somehow, towards your spirit, then what happens to you is that you become the power of the spirit. And the power of the spirit is the highest power that you could think of. First of all, spirit is the one that loves, loves without asking for anything, without expecting anything, just loves. It's an unconditional type of a personality, which just emits love...

Even in political endeavours or your economic endeavours, in any endeavour, what happens is that your attention is outside. So you go into competition, you go into this thing. You go on becoming very competent and then suddenly find another problem coming up. There are so many struggles, when your attention is outside, because in attention outside there is no purity...

It is in the heart that resides the spirit. Again I say: 'It is not in the brain.' No mental activity can take you to spirit. Spirit is only possible if your attention could be somehow taken to the spirit and that's possible only through Kundalini awakening. This change of attitude towards life, this change of complete peace and joy has come to you all because your attention is now on your spirit. Now you don't think of money. Money walks your way. You don't think of power. Power walks your way and the power of the spirit is the highest, the most powerful and the most righteous thing."

See Reality and not Illusions

"For knowledge you don't have to read books. There is no need. People who have read too many books are difficult to get into Sahaja Yoga. But what you have to see yourself is what is the reality. But that is only possible if you are a realised soul. Otherwise, you get lost in the illusions of the world. You live with the illusions, all your life struggling, fighting and I don't want to say what is the end...

But that doesn't mean that you become a Sadhu Baba or you become a Sanyasi or something you give up. Those days are gone. Those ordeals you have passed through. You have been to Himalayas. You have stood on your heads and done all kinds of things. Now, no more is needed. What is needed is that you have to put your attention to your spirit. The more you do it, the more you absorb all other attentions and put it to your spirit, which is there already existing. There is nothing to be brought from outside or nothing to be learnt. It is inside everyone of you, is in the heart. Only thing, you have to just feel it. Now that feeling can only come if you have awakened the Kundalini.

I know that noone, like Mohammed Sahib or Christ or Abraham or Moses, who have created books or whatever history they have created, nowhere they would have ever thought that people will form an organised religion and start in a way as if they are against each other. But it has happened. To remove that, you have to give them the knowledge, the pure knowledge, not the knowledge of the books but the pure knowledge and the knowledge that is pure is wisdom. Through this wisdom only I have worked. This wisdom I had from my childhood. Nobody has given me. It's there but this wisdom has taught me one thing: That whatsoever may be the condition of a human being, whatsoever may be his style, whatsoever may be his ego or his conditioning, if he can feel the love, then his spirit gets awakened. This transformation has taken place..."

[These extracts were taken from the first 28 minutes. The speech continued another 25 minutes.]

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