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  Brain and the Fifth Dimension - Mahashivaratri 1984

  This is a very subtle subject, not one suitable for beginners. Good luck!

  "... ...My idea of coming to Pandharpur for Shiv Puja was this: That Shiva represents the spirit and
  the spirit is residing in all of you, in your hearts. The seat of Sadashiva is on top of your head but
  is reflected in your heart. Now, your brain is the Vitthala. So to bring spirit to your brain means
  enlightenment of your brain. Enlightenment of your brain means the limited capacity of your brain
  has to become unlimited, in its capacity to realise God. I will not use the word understand -
  to realise God - how powerful he is, how miraculous he is, how great he is. The another is that
  the brain of man can create, of course out of the dead, but when the spirit comes into brain, then
  you create living things, living work of Kundalini. Even the dead start behaving like living because
  you touch the spirit in the dead.

  Like the nucleus inside every atom or a molecule has the spirit of that molecule. And if you
  become your spirit - we can say the brain of a molecule and an atom is like the nucleus, body of
  the nucleus. But the one that controls the nucleus is the spirit that resides within the nucleus.

  So now you have got the attention or the body - the whole body of the atom, then the nucleus, and
  inside the nucleus is the spirit. In the same way - we have this body, the attention of the body, and
  then we have the nucleus - is the brain - and the spirit is in the heart. So the brain is controlled
  through the spirit. How? That around the heart there are seven auras which can be multiplied into
  any number, seven raised to power sixteen hundred, which are the ones which watch the seven
  chakras, raised to power sixteen hundred - sixteen thousand, sorry.

  Now this spirit is 'watching' through this aura. Watching, I am again saying watching through this
  aura. This aura is watching the behaviour of your seven centres in your brain. Is also watching all
  the nerves that are working in the brain - watching, again. But when you bring the spirit into your
  brain, then you go two steps ahead, because when your Kundalini rises, she touches the
  Sadashiva and Sadashiva informs the spirit - informs in the sense - reflects in the spirit. So that's
  the first state, where the watching auras start communicating through your different chakras in the
  brain and integrating it.

  But when you bring your spirit to your brain, this is the second state. Then you really become
  self-realised, in the full way, in the full way, because then your Self, that is the spirit, becomes
  your brain. Action is very dynamic, it opens then, the fifth dimension in the human being.

  First, when you become realised, collectively conscious, and start raising the Kundalini, you are
  in - you cross the fourth dimension. But when your spirit comes into your brain, then you become
  the fifth dimension - means - you become the doer. Our brain, now, for example says: 'All right, lift
  this thing up.' So you touch it with your hand, you lift it up. You are the doer. But when the brain
  becomes the spirit, the spirit is the doer. And when spirit is the doer, then you become a complete
  Shiva - self-realised..."

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