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  Modern Psychological Mistakes - Guru Puja July 1991

  "[4 mins. 24 secs.] ... First of all, your guru is a mother and who suffers from Sandra Karuna. At the
  slightest things that happen to you, my eyes get filled with tears. So, as a mother, to be a guru is a
  very difficult thing. At the same time, for you to achieve heights is also difficult because you get lost
  when I love you so much and, in that love, you forget sometimes that the progress in your being is very

  It is important that, in Sahaja Yoga, you have to be strict with yourself. Thatís why I said that you have
  to be your own guru. People do not understand what it means. You have to be your own guru means
  you have to guide yourself. You have to treat yourself as your disciple and you have to trim yourself.
  If you do not understand the responsibility, as Sahaja Yogis, of working it out yourself everything, you
  cannot move very fast because it is a different type of relationship between the guru and the disciples.

  So, first, I always said 'You become your own guru.' So, you have to make a lot of introspection and fix
  your ideals. Before you, I am sitting. You have seen me, how I am. I can eat anything. I need not eat at
  all for days together. I can sleep anywhere. I may not sleep at all. I travel for miles together, untiringly.
  I have this energy because I am a guru of myself also.

  So the first thing is that there should be a lot of introspection. 'Whatís wrong with me?' Not wrong with
  others. 'Whatís wrong with me? Am I seeking the comfort of my body? The attention, is it on my body
  or on my spirit? If so, what am I doing it?' I think best thing is to write it down. 'Can I sleep on the
  grass? Can I sit on the stone?' You have to make this body work. 'Can I sleep any time I like and can I
  keep awake any time I like?' ... "

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