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Sahaja Yoga in Europe
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  Enjoyment and Responsibility - Sahasrara Puja May 2000

  "Thirty years back, when Sahastrara was opened, I found darkness all over. People were
  so ignorant. They had no awareness, what they have to find...

  It's a very unknown knowledge. Also human beings in their ego do not want to accept that
  they are not yet complete and they have to have their realisation. Also their style of life was
  such that they had no time for themselves. I found it very difficult to convince people that
  you must take your realisation because they thought it is something imaginary...

  Today it is something great, I feel, because for thirty years I have been running up and down
  everywhere and I have been able to gather so many of you. There are so many Sahaja Yogis
  all over the world. This is just a wee bit of them...

  You are a Sahaja Yogi, so you have a responsibility also to give realisation to others. Donít
  keep it to yourself. This has to be given to others and you can explain, you can talk to them,
  you can very well understand. Try to understand them and talk to them. And you must give
  realisation to others, otherwise you wonít feel complete. To feel complete, you have to do

  May God Bless You."

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