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  Watch. Do not React - Shri Krishna Puja August 1998

  [ Here are some of the topics and keywords: Racism, violence, invading and occupying land,
  the witness state, introspection, enlightened attention, love, the essence of the Bhagavad Gita
  - about karmas, gyana, ananya bhakti, self realisation, witnessing. ]

  "Today we are going to have Shri Krishna Puja. It is a very important thing about the power
  of Shri Krishna that it gives you a witness state. This is very important also because, in these
  days of Kali Yuga and complete confusion of the value system, all kinds of turmoil make very
  complex conditions to exist. The state of witnessing is only possible through meditation to
  reach the stage of thoughtless awareness. Its combined together.

  Now the witness state is such a state where you just do not react. If you react, then the
  problem starts. It's a very simple thing to understand that we react through our ego or through
  our conditioning, otherwise there is no way to react...

  All our problems of our conditionings are really horrible. For example, racialism. We have
  racialism. In America it is very much more. You can feel it, though they don't say. But if you go,
  say, from Italy you feel it. If you go from India also you can feel it.

  Now, why this racialism? What is the reason?"

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