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The United States
in the cosmic order

On the subtle level, America corresponds to the Vishuddhi chakra, the 5th chakra of the cosmic being. The Vishuddhi is associated with collectivity, communication and discrimination. In the human body it is situated mainly at the level of the neck. The USA is therefore part of a centre of global awareness and responsibility. It is no wonder that it is a melting pot of myriad nationalities, races and cultures, all beautifully combined to form a multicolored international tapestry. So many world organizations like the United Nations are based in the USA. North American culture, from Hollywood to Fast Food, is spreading around the world.

However, America, and the USA in particular, has the power to spread good ideas or bad ideas, spirituality or falsehood, benevolence or hostility, purity or immorality, vulgar images or beautiful ones, through its far-reaching media and its economic influence. It plays a role of great importance in the subtle body of our planet and in the consciousness of humanity.

It has always been America's duty to spread the message of truth, benevolence and brotherly love to all nations. But that is not all. In a radio address to North American listeners in California in 1983, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi concluded her talk by explaining that it is America's role to spread the ideal of freedom, not seen as abandonment to one's baser desires, but the true freedom where there are no enslavements or bad habits, just the complete freedom of the Spirit. It is self-realization, the awakening and awareness of our Spirit and our connection to an all-pervading reality, that makes this true freedom possible.

Weekly programs of Sahaja Yoga are held in over 50 cities around the USA. All public programs are free and open to the public and no prior reservations are needed. For addresses or contact details, follow the USA link on the Worldwide Home Site for Sahaja Yoga.

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