So to blame your genes for your mistakes is not going to work out anymore because these genes can be changed in their database and can be brought to the level of a very righteous, angelic personality. The ego and the conditioning of a person gets dissolved by the ascent of the Kundalini and he becomes really a free bird. Absolute freedom is achieved in reality and his behavior changes tremendously with great faith in himself. He becomes a witness of the whole drama of life. When you are in the water you are afraid of getting drowned, but supposing you get into a boat, you can watch the same waters with enjoyment. But if you learn how to jump in the water and save others then it is even a higher situation and so we have a higher awareness which we call as doubtless awareness. Above all, we fall into the ocean of joy. Joy is absolute. It doesn't have duality. It is not like happiness and unhappiness. It is a singular thing and once you jump into it you learn easily how to enjoy everything, whether it is beautiful or ridiculous. In one case you see the beauty, in the other you see the humour as to how people are ridiculous. The remarkable thing is that Sahaja Yogis have become great musicians, great writers, great speakers, great administrators. In every way they have rise very high, specially in their attitude toward others. They respect everyone and they know what is wrong with other people so that they can approach them carefully, gently to see that this person who has these problems can be easily evolved and become a self-realised soul. It is like one candle lighting another candle. This work is going on all over the world and there is great hope that it will also start in China. Before this, somehow, I could not start my work but the Divine coincidence has given a chance to me by this conference to talk to Chinese people, who I find very wise and sensitive, about the great treasure of spirituality. This is not a coincidence. It was inevitable and has been brought about by this all-pervading power. In your life also you will notice lots of coincidences but you will not know how to connect them to something that is Divine unless and until you get connected to the Divine power.

Confucius has taught the humanity how we can improve our relations with other human beings. But Lao Tse in China has very beautifully described Tao, meaning the Kundalini. And I have had a voyage through the Yangtze River through which Lao Tse had gone many times. I know he was trying to show that this river which is the Kundalini, is flowing towards the sea and one should not be tempted by the nature that is around. The nature around the Yangtze River is very, very beautiful, no doubt, but one has to go through the river. Also there are lots of currents which flow and can be quite dangerous and we need a good navigator who should take his ship across to the point where it is nearer the sea. At that stage it becomes very silent and extremely simple in its flow.

This country has been endowed with great philosophers, I would say the greatest was Lao Tse, because humanism was for the preparation of human beings for their ascent about which Lao Tse had spoken. But because of the subtle subject it was not described in such a clear-cut manner as I am talking to you. It is such a pleasure for me to talk to this august gathering here. After travelling all over the world, I realise that China is one of the best countries as far as spirituality is concerned.

May the Divine bless you all.