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When the day is over, or you are desperate to unwind, relax by soaking your feet in warm salty water while you meditate. This relieves the body of a lot of stress and allows for a peaceful and refreshing night's sleep.

Sahaja Yogini wearing a Punjabi is footsoakingSit comfortably on a chair, with your hands upwards on your lap, facing a photograph of Shri Mataji. Place your feet in a plastic bowl or bucket of warm water, containing a handful of salt which has been dissolved. The photograph emits positive vibrations and these will act as a catalyst, helping the chakras to be cleansed. Negative energy from the body is sucked into the salt water. Footsoaking is particularly beneficial for the lowest three chakras.

Meditate for 10 to 15 minutes, remembering to tie up your kundalini and put seven bandhans before and after the meditation.

Rinse and dry your feet. Flush the water from the bowl down the toilet. Rinse the bowl and only use it for footsoaking. To dry your feet it is convenient to use a towel and you should also keep that for use only when you footsoak.

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