I have told you many times that if you are standing in the water, you are afraid that the waves might kill you. But supposing you get into a boat, then you can watch those waves, maybe as something beautiful. And if you learn how to swim, you can jump in and bring back people who are getting drowned. This is exactly what happens when you are in that state that you can give Realisation to others. You can put them in connection with the Divine power - but first of all you must know how to become thoughtlessly aware. Some people say, "Mother, for a second only we become, or for two seconds we become".

Because you see, in our mind, even if you come to Sahaja Yoga, you have so many conditionings to begin with. First of all, if you are born an Indian, then you are identified with India. If you are born in England, then you are identified with England. One thing I have noticed about Sahaja Yogis is that once they get out of this nonsense of this mind, first thing they start criticising the atmosphere in which they have been living. For example, they'll say, "Ah, this is Indian. Now, this is what the Indians are like." Then if they are British, they'll say, "These are the British," you see. They will be the best to criticise. Even others cannot criticise as they criticise. For example, Europeans will criticise Europeans saying that, "Ah, Europeans, alright I know Europeans very well," - like that.

The mind itself starts seeing then. What you can say, that mind itself sees that it is a myth. And then the cheating that takes place all the time, that the intelligence that cheats itself, it stops. You start seeing the thing in a proper, full manner, because you don't react. To react is a sign of a person who is very conditioned. You can be conditioned by many other things, like you are born in a particular religion. No. As you know, what has religion to do nowadays with human beings? There is no real religion anywhere. It has become like a money orientation or you can say power orientation. That's why they are all fighting among themselves. And you know for definite that no religion is exclusive. But they fight. The reason is the mind is conditioned that you must fight for your religion. Now, they have no religion within. There is no religion that is working out in their lives. They might be the most corrupt, most immoral people but they belong to a particular religion, like a club. And then they start identifying themselves as something and they have a right to do these things because they belong to a particular religion or to a cult and this and that.

Now there are people who can really use this mind - though it is artificial. In modern times you are using so many artificial things and this artificiality can creep into everything, like plastic. So this mind can penetrate into anything and it penetrates into the minds of people. That's how Hitler managed all the young people of Germany. All these people, who have been able to destroy the reasoning, which is logical, not through the mind. If it is through the mind, it's no logic. It is just a reasoning that we can see clearly as stupidity.

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