Paulo Coelho, looking bored but patient, head resting on left handMyth 1: The mind can cure everything.

This is not true, and I prefer to illustrate this particular myth with a story. Some years ago, a friend of mine - deeply involved in spiritual search - began to feel feverish and ill. She spent the whole night trying to 'mentalize' her body, using all the techniques she knew, in order to cure herself purely with the power of the mind. The following day, her children, who were getting worried, urged her to go to the doctor, but she refused, saying that she was 'purifying' her spirit. Only when the situation became untenable did she agree to go to the hospital, where she had to have an emergency operation for appendicitis. So, be very careful: it's better sometimes to ask God to guide your doctor's hands than to try to cure yourself alone.
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