Haruki Murakami, looking pensive, head resting on his right hand

"How wonderful it would be if we, in Japan and Catalonia, could build a house of 'unrealistic dreamers' and forge a 'community of spirit' that would transcend both country and culture. I believe this would be the starting point for our rebirth, as we have both experienced many natural disasters and wanton acts of terrorism in recent times. We must not be afraid to dream. We should never allow the crazed dogs named 'efficiency' and 'convenience' to catch up with us. We must be 'unrealistic dreamers', who stride forward vigorously. Human beings will die and disappear, but humanity will prevail and will be constantly regenerated. Above all, we must believe in this force.

In closing, I will donate this prize money to the victims of the earthquake and the accident at the nuclear plant. I am deeply grateful to the Catalan people and to the Generalitat de Cataluņa for offering me this award and this opportunity. I would also like to express my deepest sympathies to the victims of the recent earthquake in Lorca.