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Just some ideas, not a definitive guide -

The websites for Project 108 should not contain advertising or intrusive pop-up windows. It is a good policy to follow for any Sahaja Yoga website. Many free web hosting services do insist on supplying adverts or pop-ups or both to the websites under their control.

There are exceptions. For example, the company which you use for an internet connection is quite likely to offer you some free space without the undesirable extras. They may not give you much space or they may be quite slow at delivering the pages to surfers. Some services can have good performance. In England the Dial-up Internet Service Provider called Free-Online seems to provide respectably fast web servers. This is a subjective assessment.

A simple way to avoid the 'ads' is to pay for webspace, which is much cheaper now than it was a couple of years ago. For just a few US dollars per month you can find large amounts of webspace but perhaps not such fast servers. This cost is still 'hard' currency and it may be too difficult for some people to pay. There are also some companies who will register a domain name for you and provide free hosting. But they charge more for the name than you really need to pay. Their hosting is not really free, but it is a compromise. You might be lucky and find a suitable offer.

So what to do? If you can pay for good quality space, then do so, but shop around or you may waste some money. You will probably get a faster web service if you are paying. If you can't afford to pay, then -

First, we do hope to recommend some public web hosting services which are free of charge but without any advertising. More details later on. One service which is being considered [June 2002] is Brinkster.

Second, we understand that a professional-style web hosting service may be set up in Canada, which Sahaja Yogis around the world can use if they need but cannot afford good facilities. I have few details for the moment, so please be patient [June 2002].

Third, if you are using a personal dial-up service, see what web hosting they offer. If it is not useful then consider moving to another service. If it is useful then consider using it for something Sahaj, even if you have another website hosted somewhere else.

Fourth, if you are a beginner, you could get some practical experience of developing websites on free webspace, even with adverts present. But don't try this somewhere that they add a gratuitous pop-up every time you change the page. That could drive you or your visitors mad.

Finally, a round of applause, please, for the Canadians and let's hope they can get their idea to work.
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