This Website - The Project 108 Homesite

Most of the early development and web page testing on Project 108 will be visible here. It is intended as a workspace. This will also be the main source of information about the project. Initially it will be the place to find the addresses of the new websites that are produced for the project.

It is not intended to be a public site and will not be registered with search engines, at least for the foreseeable future. It is intended more for the Sahaja Yogis who are actually working on the project or who want to find out something about the project. Please do NOT put any link to this site on web pages which are under your control.

This site will have a Showcase in English, with over 108 Exhibition pages about Sahaja Yoga or about other auspicious matters, such as quotations from William Blake or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is also intended to have versions of the Showcase alongside in several languages. The early pages are going up in English and Romanian [April/June 2002]. We welcome offers to translate into French, Italian, etc. The current intention is to have languages which can use the same 26 letters as English and which can be easily understood without special character sets or Fonts. French or Turkish, for example, can be easily read even if the text omits the accents normally found above or below some of the letters.

This website's structure does not necessarily reflect the structure of the public websites which will be produced. However, the indexing style used for the Showcase is expected to be used for the main contents on the project's public sites. The Showcase has index pages with 12 low-level links and the larger public sites will probably copy that mechanism. Nine index pages, multiplied by 12 main links per page, makes 108. For the smaller public websites, there may be 8 main links per index page.
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