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Motability Services

"Motability is a charity, which provides disabled people with a means of using their disability benefit to lease a car, usually for 3 years. The plan is supported by the majority of the motor manufacturers and a wide range of standard cars is available for leasing."

[As at June 2000 - Based on details received by EMail]

A Broughton Astley resident, Chris Franklin, tried to reorganise data from Motability's website to allow access via certain features, e.g. automatic transmission or air-conditioning. Chris wanted to run a simple website with his results but didn't get permission from Motability to use their data. Motability's own web site can be found at

[As at August 2000 - Based on details received by EMail]

Webmaster: I found the Motability site extremely unfriendly to use. Data about cars was hidden behind requests to send for a brochure, and customer/supplier charters of one sort or another, etc., or reams of legalistic and financial material from the finance people, MFL. They also dealt with finance for War Pensioners and with powered wheelchairs and scooters.

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