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Canine Rescue - Samoyed Breed

Broughton Astley is the home of three beautiful, bubbly Samoyed breed dogs, called Belle, Tia and Pepe. Their owner, Ian Pawley, is part of a small national association devoted to protecting the interests of this breed of dog through the operation of a rescue service.

The rescue association's role is to provide information, coordination, advice and assistance when a dog needs to find a new home. This may involve making an assessment that a potential new owner and their home is suitable for a particular dog.

Sometimes a dog may have been living in poor surroundings or with inadequate care and attention. In other cases there may be external circumstances which cause an owner to release a dog. The inability to continue looking after a pet may be caused by illness, financial problems or various family or social difficulties. So a 'rescued' dog may not have suffered or be sick or in any way prove difficult for a new owner.

If you would like more information about the Samoyed breed or the rescue association or to meet these three wonderful dogs from Broughton Astley, please contact Ian by telephone on (01455) 284928 or by EMail: See all the dogs here.

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