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"Earn 400 per month. Part-time" - A warning

You must have seen lots of advertisments like this. Stop at a traffic light - there's probably one fixed to the post. They may even tell you "No selling".

If you ever wondered whether it was your lucky day, then think again. You are likely to be disappointed if you contact the advertiser.

Why? Well this is what they have to offer:

As to "No selling". First of all, there has to be a "product" and somebody needs to buy it. That somebody is one of your friends. The "deal" is that your friends and other people whom you know have to buy the product. And you have to let them see a catalogue or samples, etc., and let them decide if they want to buy something. But because you are not supposed to pressurise them, it is not "selling"! Very good. Somebody is buying but nobody is selling.

If you want to lose your friends and a lot of sleep, then go ahead.

And who has placed the advertisment? Not the product manufacturer. It is somebody in the middle, who will receive a commision from any product sales that you can set up.

The next step is that you can make money just like him, by getting your friends to sell to their friends. In fact, if you cannot get other people involved, your chances to make any reasonable money are slim. Imagine that you are going to be paid 20% commision on your personal sales, then you need to sell 2000 worth of something, every month, to earn 400.

Anything Else?

Well, there just might be exceptions, where the "deal" is genuine. And we could let you know...

Most of the advertisements and the underlying schemes are not against the law. Some may be very professional and openly based on "Network Marketing", which is quite legal in the UK.

But the key issue is this:

They are NOT offering you a "job". Instead, they are offering you an opportunity to set up a business that you have to run yourself, which does involve selling, and for which you should keep accounts to show the Inland Revenue.

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