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"Progress?" by Ernie White

Progress progress ha ha ha, faiths in conflict near and far,
Catholic Protestant Hindu, Jain and Moslem Christian Jew.
Church's throughout every state, preaching good lactating hate,
Faith in failure everywhere, consternation, deep despair.

Progress progress ha ha ha, seaside beaches covered in tar,
Black and brown stuff mixed in sand, sewer outfall just off land,
Birds and fish don't understand, how man despoils the natural land,
Man and beast live in fear, our planet dying year by year.

Progress progress ha ha ha, people worship tin god car,
Smoke filled lungs and addled brains, children choke and old folk maimed,
Petrol wars but wells reclaimed, soldiers dead on strange domain,
Every morn in motorcar, creeping slow and not going far.

Progress progress that's a joke, powerless people still lack hope,
Those in power are on the make, how much more can good folk take?
Those that have are given more, those without must just stay poor,
Democrats can't fail to note, the pointlessness of going to vote.

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