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Click to raise the Kundalini The Subtle Body

Organic activity within the human body is controlled on a subtle level of consciousness. For example, we know that the DNA is decoded and copied when a cell reproduces. And we know that at the right moment a foetus is expelled from the womb. But the instructions for these things to happen are not given by the material of the cell or of the foetus or of the womb.

For medical science it remains a mystery how these things are triggered.

The subtle body pervades the gross or physical body. At the base of the spine in the physical body is a triangular bone called the 'Sacrum'. And in that bone, but on the subtle level resides an awareness or energy known as the Kundalini (meaning, coiled up feminine power). Normally the Kundalini is dormant but it (She) can awaken and spread through the spinal column and through the top of the head.

Awakening and strengthening the Kundalini is the main purpose of Sahaja Yoga as presented by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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