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Art and Craft Workshops

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Graphic Artist, Jackie Ward runs regular after-school workshops at her studio in Stoney Stanton, which are suitable for children aged at least 8. Saturday mornings may also be possible.

She has worked for local government and in schools, including Broughton Astley's Orchard Primary School. Jackie is a keen photographer and so we are well able to display some more examples of her students' work.

No previous experience is necessary. Jackie provides all the materials and training needed. Formal skills which may be involved include:

  • Batik
  • Collage

  • Quilling
  • Printing

  • Painting
  • Drawing

  • Marbling
  • Salt Dough

And when the Webmaster paid a visit, there was abundant evidence of the use of modelling materials such as paper, card, fabrics, needle and thread, etc., and not the least, of glue!

Sessions last typically for two hours. If you would like more information about these workshops, please contact Jackie by telephone on (01455) 273388.

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