Public Meeting Held

The Parish Council of Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, held a Public Meeting on Thursday 11th October, according to Schedule 12, Part 3, Paragraph 18 of the Local Government Act 1972. A vote was passed, with over 20 in favour and only one against, that there should be a Parish Poll on this topic:

"Do you want a national referendum on the EU Reform Treaty? Yes or No?"

Parish Poll Due [Completed 1st November]

By law, the Harborough District Council must now hold the formal poll within 25 days. If the result is that the voters in the Parish of Broughton Astley do require a national referendum, what happens next?

The local MP could raise the issue in Parliament. The campaign members will certainly spread news of the result and the national media is already aware of Broughton Astley's actions. A strong 'Yes' vote will encourage people in other areas to hold polls and ultimately the UK Government would have to listen.

Taking matters to a logical conclusion, the Broughton Astley poll could lead on to a national referendum and even to the resignation of the Prime Minister, who has rejected calls for a referendum. A majority 'No' vote in a referendum on the treaty could lead to the UK gradually withdrawing from the EU. So, the importance of this poll should not be underestimated.

Stop Press 17th October - Poll Details

Polling will take place on 1st November 2007, at Broughton Astley Village Hall, between 4.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.

Stop Press 1st November - Poll Result

Votes for a referendum: 760 (approx. 95%), against: 41,
spoilt papers: 1

Campaign Contact Point

The vote was proposed by Mr. Ronald S. W. Clements of 14 Leicester Road, Broughton Astley, Leicester, LE9 6QE and formally seconded by Mr. Michael Waspe.

Mr. Clement's main phone number is (01455) 285566 and the number for his Fax/Answering Machine is (01455) 289222.


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Video By Eurosceptics

The Webmaster cannot confirm the accuracy or identify the context of the quotations which are embedded in this short clip. However, he has no confidence in the integrity of the UK Government and is happy to raise the profile of debate against the direction and development of the EU.

Pro-Europe Video

The Webmaster, who has not been assimilated, had to laugh at this "incomparable" and cheesy one. Hosted by You Tube.


When he was a teenager, the Conservative Government lied to the nation that there would be no loss of sovereignty as a consequence of joining the Common Market. Currently we have a Labour government, rolling along in the same wagon train. "One wheel on my wagon..."

It is time to see through the political smoke screens and to recognise the mistake of joining Europe for what it was. If we need to be in a European Community, it must be for sharing a common purpose, for example, political and financial or social. Financially, we wanted to sell our goods and services and reduce the marketability of those from Japan, China, USA, etc. We joined, what turned out to be, a semi-political alliance, mainly to fight against the economic wellbeing of our fellow human beings around the world - a morally vacuous action. As for social unity, that required no legislation. We were fooled by putting our attention to filling our pockets.

Polly Toynbee wrote in the Guardian:

"The EU will work better in ways Britain urgently wants... Referendums can only work on matters of simple and profound principle... There was never any need for a referendum... At last, the European parliament gets more power... At the crucial Nairobi climate summit, it was a bad idea that the president of a very small country represented all of Europe... Javier Solana can't at present put pressure on a foreign government over, say, human rights, when trade, aid and defence belong to other commissioners acting alone... Europe needs an effective voice to stop any US madness in Iran. It is the only collective voice on global warming."

This I understand, the economic benefits were not really there - Europe is now just about politics, about ganging up on other countries, so they will do what our politicians want!

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