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The Euro and its Flawed Philosophy

The Euro is a weapon being used in an unjust war. And it is a particularly blunt one.

European Economic Unity has a purpose. When a group wishes to unite, there is generally another group of people who will be excluded and who will become opponents in the associated undertakings.

Here, the object is to compete more successfully, in the field of trade, against Japan and USA and other trading areas. That means to take away some of their customers and ultimately make these excluded trading areas less successful and their people less wealthy.

But these other people are human beings. They are not our enemies or opponents in any genuine sense. The mirage about the need to compete is a cloak for covering up the greed of many business people and the desire of others for personal political advancement. They hide, like a sort of neo-religious cult, behind a media-supported facade of "healthy competition", seeking to promote a broad public misconception that this is all healthy, normal and in the best public interest.

Also, if you consider all the ecological or environmental damage in the world, of which which we are being made increasingly aware, most of it is caused by the greed of people running businesses.

This world has sufficient natural resources for everybody to be prosperous and satisfied. It is time for mankind to wake up, see that this is so, and stop the rot. Please have a look at the words of Kahlil Gibran.

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