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Citizens Advice Bureau Purpose and Recruitment


The Bureau gives members of the public free information and completely independent advice on a wide range of subjects, including statutory benefits and services, consumer rights, housing and employment.

Practical help is also available with filling out forms and with drafting letters and with taking steps to sort out problems or worries which arise from debt.

The Bureau helps people to understand their situation and to tackle problems head on.

Meetings with clients are confidential and are designed to ensure that individuals do not suffer through ignorance of their rights or obligations or through an inability to express their needs.


cab volunteer

Every year over 4000 people in the UK are trained as CAB advisors, developing new skills and confidence. Are you a good listener and open minded? You need to be able to work well with clients, and do basic maths. CABs serve the whole community and so they also need people with language skills or who understand different cultures.

Each Bureau holds a comprehensive information system for advisors to use, which is updated monthly.

CABs look for people who enjoy working in a team. Age or disabilities need not be a problem. If you have just left college, remember that they are keen to recruit more young people and that CAB experience can lead on to paid employment.

Advice work is a challenge - but it is also one of the most rewarding ways to volunteer. Call in, telephone, or write to your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

There are other ways to volunteer as well. You may have specialist skills or wish to develop some, with training from the Bureau. For example, your assistance in the following areas might be invaluable:

  • Clerical support
  • Media interaction
  • Computer operation
(1 May 2000)

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