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There was a calling inside me, but I was so confused and lost in this mental jumble that I had created for myself. I didn't know who I really was, but I knew for sure that there was something missing. I couldn't explain to myself this intense feeling of unfulfillment.

There is a quotation: "Gods do not give blindly. Their gift has a meaning and to whom it is given cannot be chosen at random. He has prepared himself for long to receive this gift. And when he takes it, he does not take it blindly either." What could it mean?

In 1992, December 15, something 'random' made me go to the reading room of Nicolae Iorga Library in Ploiesti (Romania). I was on my way out after I happily finished my business there, when something attracted my attention. There was an exhibition in a hallway, showing different posters with information about human evolution, the subtle system (energetic body) and the technique for attaining the communion with the Divine (Yoga).

I was acquainted with spirituality from books, so I decided to visit the exhibition to see if it fitted to what I already knew, and maybe to learn something more. But my mind wasn't prepared to accept the fact that my information might not be correct, so I was very doubtful at first. Then I was amazed: If the information presented there was true, it meant that inner evolution was easier than I had thought. From what I had read in books, the ascent was a very hard task that implied many efforts and strivings and it could take a very long time, even more than a lifetime, to get to the top of it. On the other side, there was this new technique that could provide enlightenment from the very beginning even if it was not complete enlightenment. Then, in this light, the seeker could begin to work for his inner purification.

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