Shri Mataji with a red shawl
Sahaja Yoga in Europe
Video 10
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  Public Programme - Leicester 1984

  First, Shri Mataji presents a speech for 38 minutes.
  Next, there is a Question and Answer session for 17 minutes.
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  Finally, there is a Meditation Exercise and Workshop for 25 minutes.
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  "You have just now heard that within us lies the power of our ascent, ascent to the Divine. Now,
  maybe, there are some people who can say: 'How? How do you say that? Whatís your authority?'
  Naturally, one can ask such a question. But, as a scientist, we have to keep our minds open to any
  knowledge. I say this is the knowledge of the roots. Why? Whatever we have known so far is the
  knowledge of the tree. It sounds fantastic sometimes to people. How can the awakening of the
  Kundalini or the Holy Ghost, as described in the Bible, can bring forth this tremendous change,
  this transformation and all the benefits of physical, mental, emotional and material being within
  us. Itís impossible to believe because itís too fantastic. But we donít realise that how fantastically
  we are made by God Almighty. We take Him so much for granted.

  When we make a computer, in this world, we feel we have done a great job. But do you know, you
  yourself you are a computer, which knows without thinking. I see you and I know I see you. I donít
  have to go back to some sort of a programming to find out what am I seeing. Is also spontaneous
  and living. All the living things are created by the living God and then we know that we have come
  to this stage of human awareness. From here, if we have to ascend, there must be some method,
  mechanism within us..."

  In these modern times, I find if you talk to anybody about God, they will laugh at you. Is not
  regarded fashionable to talk about God but despite of all that in the modern times we have the
  maximum numbers of seekers. We never had so many seekers at any time. Think of Christ, he
  had those twelve disciples who did not believe in Him till they saw His resurrection. I mean they
  did not believe in Him fully, I mean to say. Look at Buddha or look at any one of these people.
  Mohammed Saab, how they tortured his life. And they all have talked about this time as the
  resurrection time because, before the doomsday, the resurrection has to come. But they - people
  who are in-charge of them, there are people who have taken their charge, in this world - will not
  believe that there can be redemption, that there could be resurrection because itís a money
  making proposition. I met a Mayor today in the morning, of another place, and he told me, he
  asked me actually: 'Why people become so fanatic about religion?' I said: 'Because it is a money
  making proposition everywhere.' [ at 10 minutes 18 seconds ] ..."

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