Shri Mataji with a red shawl
Sahaja Yoga in Europe
Video 10
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  Public Programme - Leicester 1984

  Question and Answer section, lasting 17 minutes.   [ Back to the previous page: Watch full video ]
  Followed by Meditation Exercise and Workshop, lasting 25 minutes.

  Shri Mataji: "May God bless you all.

  Now, if you have any problems, please ask me. Today, I had a very, very hectic day. The whole day
  I have been moving from places to places and somehow you have been so kind to come here and
  I am sure we’ll get the experience tonight. But in any case, if you have any questions, please ask. It
  is important."

  From the audience: "May I ask a question, Mataji?"

  Shri Mataji: "Yes please."

  From the audience: "Is it possible to awaken Kundalini without a supreme guidance like you
  because you are not available to us, so only by reading books?"

  Shri Mataji: "Yes, it is possible. Only.."

  Sahaja Yogi: "He said, 'Only by reading books’, he said."

  Shri Mataji: "Oh, by reading books. No, no, no, not at all. Kabir Das has said: 'Padhi, padhi pandita
  murakha bhayei.' That by reading too much, even the learned have become stupid."

  From the audience: "So, how could we have divine guidance, like you?"

  Shri Mataji: What you have to do, first of all, is to know that it’s a living process and for any living
  process you don’t need mental understanding. Just I have talked to you because, after all, you are
  very intelligent people. But, supposing we want to sprout a seed, what do we do? We put it in the
  Mother Earth and it sprouts. Do we give it a lecture, beforehand? All right, do we do anything? It is
  built-in, in the seed as well as in the Mother Earth, the capacity to do it. So, of course, you have to
  have somebody who has the capacity. Satguru is the real Guru. But these days, they are all in the
  market; all making money. First thing is, no money can be paid for sprouting of the seed, first
  principle. Ninety nine point nine percent will drop out on that point and is said that ‘Sahib Milaye’.
  The one who makes you meet the divine is the Guru. The one who talks and gives lecture is not the
  Guru. But these days, there are some very great Gurus but they are hiding themselves in the
  Himalayas and I sent one of them, I, with great request, to America, that please go and do some
  work in America, I won’t be able to go. He stayed in New York for three days and ran back into
  Himalayas. He said: 'The people are at a very lower level, you see. They just talk of dollar.' He ran
  away. So, they don’t want to deal just now. Perhaps, maybe, after some time, if they see that the area
  is all right, they may come down. But there are many great saints all over the world. But, sort of, they
  have receded themselves. First, you all become saints and they will all come to join you..."

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