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Salvation came from an unlikely source - a chance encounter in a troubled moment, a picture on a library wall, a subsequent telephone call and an invitation to a Sahaja Yoga meeting in someone's home. For me, I had no great initial revelation, no strong sensation, no earth-shattering, mind-blowing experience but an intuitive knowledge that I had come home. My heart felt open for the first time in ages and it dawned on me that I, like so many in England, had been running away from this experience.

A year later and I was in Bombay, India, attending a clinic which specialised in Sahaja Yoga treatments. This was the breakthrough, the moment of sublime realisation. It was to be my 'time'. I had the experience of real 'Kundalini' awakening. I could feel this energy, which lies within each of us, coming out of the top of my head as a cool breeze.

I then knew that what had been referred to by the great prophets in their scriptures and by many evolved souls was a living reality, and it was happening to me! I could not deny it, even though my background was that of an atheistic Physics undergraduate. I can't say that my life was now completely free from moods and altered states but that, at last, I had a mechanism for coping and that this mechanism had been lying dormant within me.

Once awakened, this Kundalini, which lies within the Sacrum bone, can gradually cleanse our problems, both physical and emotional and burn away the layers of detritus that we build up through our lives. We are restored to innocence and purity and love, and all of those higher qualities, that we know to lie within us, start to manifest.

When I look around at my fellow Sahaja Yogis, I look at a reflection of my own salvation. I look at these lovely people who, like me, pilgrims, have travelled far but are reaching our destination. We're coming home. Sahaja Yoga is not a sanctuary for the few but a simple system of Meditation which takes only a short time each day.

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