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When done with love and devotion it will change your life and the lives of those around you. It represents the highest ideals of the human spirit and its practice unlocks the beauty within you, that is often hidden from view.

My life has been given back to me. I have returned from the shadows. I am very grateful. Above all I am sure this is something we have to share.

We all have the same origin and the same destiny. We are connected in ways which are not yet understood by scientific endevour. Evolving, as we have, from Amoeba to Astronaut, from simple beginnings to great complexity, was not by chance.

The emergence of our realisation through Kundalini awakening carries us to that next plane of evolution to transcend the intellect and conditionings and take our place upon the next great stage.

I have my seat and the play is about to start. I invite everyone to come and enjoy the show !

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