What we need is a balance between the two extremes. We need women as equal but not similar partners with men, but with a subtle understanding of the nature of men and how to bring them into the centre with inner balance. We need balanced women in order to have a balanced human race with peace within itself. You might say all this is excellent in thought, but how do we achieve this state of balance? How do we stem the tide of diseases, corruption, immorality and immaturity. How do we end the present state of conflict and confusion? How do we bring about peace within every mind and heart? I very humbly submit that there is an answer to these questions. There is a new way...

Whatever I am going to tell you now is not be taken for granted. You should, of course, have your minds open like scientists and treat whatever I am stating as a hypothesis. If this hypothesis can be proved, then you have to accept it as honest persons as the absolute truth because it is for your benevolence. It is for the benevolence of your family. It is for the benevolence of your country and for the benevolence of the whole world.

I am here to tell you about the last breakthrough of our evolution. This breakthrough of our evolution in our awareness has to happen in these modern times and has been, moreover, recorded in the writings of many seers. These are the times called as the "Decadent Times", last called by the great saint Vyasa who has written the Gita, and it is the decadence of humanity that we see around in every way possible.

Now I would like to tell the secret knowledge of our inner being which was known in India thousands of years back. For our evolution and spiritual ascent there is a residual power within us which is located in the triangular bone at the base of our spine. This residual power is known as Kundalini. Though the knowledge of this power was available thousands of years back in India, the awakening of the Kundalini was done, traditionally, on an individual basis only. One guru would given awakening to one disciple. As a result of that awakening, what happens is that you achieve your self-realisation, your self-hood. Secondly, when this power is awakened, it rises and passes through six subtle energy centres in your body, nourishing them and integrating them. Ultimately, this power breaks through the fontanel bone area called as the Talu or the Brahmarandra and connects you to the all-pervading power of Divine love, which is described in the bible also as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost also in the Koran as Ruh and also in the Indian scriptures as Paramchaitanya. Patanjali has called it as Ritambhara Pragya.

Whatever the name, this is a power which is all-pervading, which does all the subtle works of living process, of evolutionary process. The existence of this all-pervading energy is not felt before realisation but after self-realisation you can feel it on your fingertips or at the centre of your palm or above the fontanel bone area.

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