Moreover, this process has to be spontaneous, Sahaja. Saha means with and ja means born. That means the right to get this union with the all-pervading power of Divine love is the birthright of every human being. Our mental energies are limited. Our limited mental energy, which is linear in movement and has not sustenance of reality, reaches a point and stops. From there it boomerangs and all that mental, linear movement comes back to us as a punishment sometimes. So now we need more energy, higher energy, deeper energy and for that this happening has to take place.

I must say that in the West, I have met many people who are true Seekers of Truth and are fed up of artificiality of the Western life. Also they didn't know what they were seeking sometimes and they have made lots of mistakes. They have gone to false gurus who have taken lots of money and the people have become bankrupts and mentally and physically handicapped.

The one thing you must note is that the awakening of the Kundalini and thus achieving self-realisation is a living process of evolution for which we cannot pay anything. It is like putting a seed in the Mother Earth. It sprouts because Mother Earth has the power to sprout it and the seed has an in-built germinating quality within it. In the same way we have this germinating power in the triangular bone which Greeks called as Sacrum. Actually in some people you can see this triangular bone pulsating and the Kundalini very slowly rising, but where there are no obstructions and if the person is a balanced being, the Kundalini rises from the Sacrum just like a jet and passes through the fontanel bone area to become one with the all-pervading power. This Kundalini is the spiritual mother of every individual and She knows or has recorded all the past aspirations of Her child. She is anxious to give second birth to Her child and, during Her ascent, She nourishes six energy centres. When a person is not connected to the all pervading power, he is like an instrument which is not connected to the mains and has no identity, has no meaning, has no purpose. As soon as it is connected, all that is built in inside this instrument starts working and manifesting itself. When this Kundalini rises it connects you to the all pervading power, which is vital and which is an ocean of knowledge as well as an ocean of bliss. After the awakening of Kundalini, you experience many coincidences which are miraculous and extremely blissful. Above all Kundalini is the ocean of forgiveness. So what ever mistakes you have committed in the past are forgiven and instead you get your self-realisation as a blessing.

The consequences of the awakening of the Kundalini and thereby the attainment of self-realisation are numerous. First and foremost, such a person is constantly in contact with or is in fact a part of the all pervading Divine power. He seeks the truth by using his new awareness. And truth is one. All self-realised persons see this same truth. Thus conflicts are avoided. Purely mental activity without self-realisation, leads to conflicting ideas and even wars. All this is avoided after self-realisation.

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