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Then I started to attend Sahaja Yoga courses held in Bucharest. I practiced Sahaja Yoga regularly. After I learnt a few techniques for meditation and purification and had acquired some knowledge, I realized that everything was unfolding so naturally and easily. It was like any other natural process, like eating if hungry or sleeping if tired. My whole being was asking now for its share of peace and joy - for liberation from sorrow, for clearing away the darkness of ignorance, through the light of the pure Spirit.

Sahaja Yoga spontaneously activates the potential divine power that resides within everybody and connects us to the Universal Primordial Power, or to God - however you consider it. This explains the joy that fills our hearts, the blossoming of our natural qualities and the revival of our innate value system.

I spontaneously gave up smoking and drinking after my first visit to Sahaja Yoga. I just didn't feel the need anymore. In about three months my health problems vanished and my whole attitude towards life became so positive - I started to believe in myself, to feel optimistic about the future and, of course, to really enjoy life.

During these years of practising Sahaja Yoga, new experiences have made me confident enough in this method that I can earnestly recommend it to all people desiring to lead a life that is healthy in all aspects (physical, psychological and spiritual) - a life with no worries. This may sound unrealistic, but I assure you it is not. Because all our problems are taken care of through communion with God.

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