Luciano Pavarotti with scarf and hat

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  Importance of the Full Octave

The seventh chakra, the Sahasrara, is stimulated by the TI (or NI in India). Let's say that the music is in the key of C. In that case it will be the note B which stimulates the Sahasrara chakra, which is located in the limbic area at the top of the brain. When the melody reaches the note B there is a form of tension created in the consciousness of the listener and the brain expects or you could say that it desires that the C above the B will follow.

Which chakra responds to Pavarotti's higher C when it comes? At one level of action they all respond, assuming that the higher C has been reached in an aesthetic way. But if the Kundalini of the listener is active and if part of it is passing beyond the top of the head, something more will happen. There are chakras above the head and these will be stimulated when the octave is completed. The Kundalini itself responds to the music and creates an effect on the chakras situated beyond the brain.

No doubt people are able to enjoy music even if their Kundalini has not been awakened but after 'Self Realisation' the effect of music can increase and musicians themselves become more empowered, more able to entertain and satisfy their audiences.