Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a young boy

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  Music, Aesthetics and the Chakras

When we listen to music, the first chakra, called the Muladhara or Mooladhara, is stimulated by the DO (called SA in India) being played or sung. The second chakra is stimulated by the RE, and so on. The seventh chakra, the Sahasrara, is stimulated by the TI (or NI in India).

It is not quite as simple a story. To stimulate the chakras in a positive way, it is not enough that we hear musical notes. If the music has poor aesthetics the awareness or intelligence within the chakras may not be pleased. You could say that they all have an aesthetic sense built in. They may block or close if they do not appreciate the music!

One evening Shri Mataji was at a programme of entertainment presented by Sahaja Yogis in which several songs were in a western style, with guitars enthusiastically strummed and lyrics that could not be completely deciphered. Shri Mataji commented later: "I think all those musicians who sang before me, who were singing western songs, was alright. But what was missing in it was melody. It is not melodious..  ..Singing does not mean that you use words which nobody can understand. Words should be clear cut and the melody must be there."  move to next page