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In many people the second chakra (called the Swadisthan) and the third (called the Nabhi or Navel Chakra) are weak on the right hand side because of unhealthy conditions within the liver.

The liver is a very large organ situated below the right side of the rib cage. When it is out of order this can lead to:

(a) Poor blood composition (b) Difficulty to concentrate (c) Difficulty to relax (d) Less enjoyment of life (e) Headaches or Migraine (f) Irritability (g) Heat rising from the liver contributes to Asthma, which is a seriously debilitating and potentially fatal illness (h) Having a weak liver is likely to contribute to Diabetes or to aggravate the condition.

It is clear that you would be wise to try and keep your liver healthy! These simple treatments should soothe your liver and help your health in general:

- Often put the left hand towards the liver whilst meditating. Tuck the fingers a little under the right side of the rib cage. The right hand stays upwards, on your lap.

- Eat less meat, particularly less beef. Meat from large animals is 'heavy' for our teeth and stomach. There can be some chemicals which are unhelpful. Chicken is OK but it is better to be fed on non-GM food. Free-range or Organic chicken is recommended.

- Non-Diabetics can eat more white sugar. The liver likes it. Cane sugar is preferred. Tate & Lyle or Sainsbury's sugar, for example, are understood to be made from cane.

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