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More Treatments:

- Chick peas (Chana) are good for the stomach and the whole Nabhi Chakra.

- Eat plain boiled rice, not brown rice. This is very cooling for the liver.

- Eat more sweet fruit, vegetables and salad. Drink sweet fruit juices. Grape juice is particularly good for the liver. Juices made 'from concentrate' are not recommended.

- Reduce your consumption of chocolate, alcohol, fish, hard cheese (e.g. cheddar), fatty or oily or fried food, coffee, ordinary tea. Herbal or fruit or Chinese teas give much less problem to the liver. Cold tea made from radish leaves is very good for the liver. So is a drink made overnight from Kokum fruit. Olive oil is healthy in moderation.

- Live with less planning, particularly about money. Try to live in the present. Don't worry, be happy!

- Cool the liver with a re-fillable ice pack or a bag of ice cubes. Wrap it in a cloth. Pour away the water after the ice melts. Do not use a sealed ice brick.

- Avoid wasting attention on mediocre or irrelevant things, e.g. television soap dramas.

- In the morning, avoid reading newspapers or watching television. Otherwise there will be many shocks to the nervous system.

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