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Asthma is an extremely debilitating and potentially fatal condition. It has become very common in developed countries. For example, in the United Kingdom almost ten per cent of the population has Asthma and the numbers are rising (May 2005).

However, for decades Shri Mataji has been saying that people with Asthma can easily be helped by various techniques associated with Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Three energy centres or chakras are found to be unhealthy in Asthma sufferers. The second (called Swadisthan chakra) and the third (called Nabhi or Navel chakra) are weak on the right hand side. These lower chakras relate to the liver, which is a very large organ situated below the right side of the rib cage. The fourth (Anahatha or Heart chakra) is weak in the centre and on the right side. Sahaja Yoga treatments for Asthma are essentially any methods to cleanse and strengthen the chakras mentioned above.

Various Treatments:

- It is important to meditate often with the left hand towards the liver. Also select some other treatments which soothe the liver.

- Sometimes meditate with the left hand upwards on the lap and the right hand on the centre of the chest.

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