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More Treatments:

- Breath in, as much as is comfortable, and hold the air in for just a few seconds. Do not strain to hold on to it. Then slowly let your breath go out again. Try two or three times in a row. This helps the centre of the Heart chakra.

- Also for the centre Heart chakra, use an affirmation a few times, speaking silently or aloud to your own Kundalini:  "Mother, please protect me."  Or read the '23rd Psalm'. Trust that there is a divine power, both inside you and outside, which can help you. If that does not fit into your philosophy, try at least to keep an open mind about the matter.

- For the right side of the Heart chakra, use this affirmation a few times:  "Mother, please make me a good father/husband/son/daughter."  Select the appropriate option or options.

- Make small bhandans (clockwise circles) with the right hand around either the centre Heart chakra or right side Heart chakra. Grasp and throw away negative energy with the right hand. Keep the left hand upwards on the lap.

- Many people will benefit from balancing the side channels by 'Putting Left to Right'. See 'Balancing' on Index 5.

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