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For many purposes in our lives we use powers of the Left side channel (called the Ida Nadi in India) and the Right side channel (called the Pingala Nadi). The Left channel is predominantly the source of desires and a repository of memories. It terminates in the Right side of the brain. The Right channel provides the mechanism by which we think and act and look towards the future. It terminates in the Left side of the brain.

Very few people use the Left and the Right channels in a balanced manner. Although we switch from side to side like a pendulum, most people spend much more time on one channel than on the other. This creates a tension and a twisting in the chakras, making it more difficult for the Kundalini to rise and more difficult for the chakras to be cleansed.

There is a solution available for people who meditate regularly using Sahaja Yoga. It brings the energy flows on the two side channels more into equilibrium, releasing much of the twist and tension in the chakras. They can then be cleansed more easily and the Kundalini can rise more easily. It also becomes easier for our actions and our attention to be influenced by the powers of the Central channel (called the Sushumna Nadi).

People who overuse the Right channel need to increase the energy flow on the Left channel and decrease the energy flow on the Right channel. This is called 'Putting Left to Right'. Shri Mataji often performed this particular balancing for people who met her in the eighties and nineties but, despite its simplicity, the technique is not so familiar to people who became involved with Sahaja Yoga Meditation more recently.

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