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People who overuse the Left channel tend to be lethargic in character and cautious or lazy or ineffective when it comes to action. They may spend much time remembering the past and worrying. They need to increase the energy flow on the Right channel and decrease the energy flow on the Left channel. This is called 'Putting Right to Left'. In modern times, in which lifestyles are increasingly hectic, a minority of people need this treatment.

There is a group of people practising Sahaja Yoga who may be confused about their own nature. They are often tired and want to rest and escape from activity but this is simply a result of being too active, mentally or physically, at other times. They have exhausted their Right sides but they are not 'left-sided' and they should not use 'Right to Left' balancing. Excess use of the Right side will lead to damaged chakras on the Left side, particularly the Left Nabhi. The needs of a person have to be judged as a whole. However, discrimination does not develop overnight. We do have a minor chakra just above the nose, the Hamsa. Shri Mataji has often referred to its importance in relation to discrimination and health. She has recommended putting a few drops of clarified butter into the nostrils.

So, if you are not sure about yourself, what to do? Well, one simple option is just to try 'Left to Right' balancing for a while and see if it helps. After balancing in the correct manner, it will be easier to meditate and feel peaceful. If 'Left to Right' balancing does not help, then try the opposite. A more cautious approach would be to take advice about yourself from some other practitioners of Sahaja Yoga. Again, there is a need to see how any treatments perform and not to keep following advice blindly.

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