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See a chart of the Subtle Body. For example, on Index 1. Three vertical channels are depicted. Although they are located within the spinal column, we interact with them as if they exist in the positions depicted by the chart.

Keep the left hand upwards on the lap and carry out the balancing with the right hand. Also do not rush the procedure. You must judge how many times to move your right hand. There is not any fixed number. If you are not used to this technique you may find that the right arm soon becomes tired. Stop if this happens and try more balancing later.

Sometimes about twelve or sixteen movements will be enough. Other times, particularly if you are a very 'right-sided' person, you might need to move the right hand something more like 50 or 108 times. It is important to feel what is happening during the balancing and not just to treat balancing blindly as a sort of ritual.

'Putting Left to Right' - The procedure:

Point the right hand fingers towards the Left channel at about the level of the hips. Then move the right hand upwards until it is just above the head, but on the left side. Move the hand horizontally across to the other side of the head. Your fingers should pass over the Sahasrara Chakra. Finally, move the right hand down in a vertical line, following the position of the Right channel in the chart. Although the Left and Right channels do bend at the top and bottom, ignore the bends and just follow the main, vertical, paths.

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