Introduction to Websites

For Project 108 the style and structure of the new websites will be quite uniform and quite simple. There is some scope to customise them, to add a variety of aesthetic touches if an individual developer so wishes, but it is probably not wise to alter the structure of the design much.

In time we will be able to provide full website designs and indexed sections within them where the web people can add new content pages. This will make it much easier for Sahaja Yogis without a large amount of experience to put up websites for the project. They can start by receiving the necessary files by email, compressed as zipped files, and installing the site on their own computer, at home for example. After understanding and checking out what is there, they can transmit the site's pages and images to their chosen internet service computer or web hosting facility, so that the site will be live on the web and they can build in the extra pages one by one, as they become available.

All the websites will be linked together, so ultimately you can find each one, no matter which you start from. The link hierarchy will be described below together with some idea of the link mechanisms.

There will be a range of website sizes. A choice will be made according to the skill and the desire or availability of time of the individual web person. Most of the new content which they will add to the basic website design will come from other Sahaja Yogis. This is a collective undertaking and it is good to ask for help from other people. It is the free choice of the web person how many pages they will ask others to contribute and how many they will create using their own creativity.

If they can train others in the job of making websites that is going to be very beneficial. It is not a short job to learn but it is much easier when you have a friend who knows the job already who can help. Reading books alone is quite a poor alternative. The timescale for the project is at least one year. So there is time for anyone to learn who has the desire. Later we may be able to put up training guides but there is a shortage of manpower at present and these guides would need to be written well. Most computer people are not too skilled at explaining things to others, particularly in writing. So we will start the project moving with experienced people doing the web work.
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