Website Sizes

1 - Level One website

Here the website has a key element, being an exhibition of 108 or more pages with content taken from Sahaj websites around the world. The exhibition is called a Showcase. The project's home site will be where we build up the Showcase and translations of it into other languages. If the webmaster wishes, they can put a copy of the Showcase in another language as well as the English version. So in Italy a Level One site might have an English language Showcase and an Italian language Showcase. Since English is both the international language of Sahaja Yoga and of the Internet, there should always be the English version of the Showcase present. Shri Mataji speaks mainly in English in her lectures and She has asked that Sahaja Yogis try to learn English, particularly by listening to Her talks.

A second element is the directory of new pages. There will be an indexed structure similar to that used for the Showcase and new pages will be added there, one by one, up to 108 or so pages.

2 - Level Two website

Here there will be a structure for 108 or so new pages to be added but there will be no Showcase. Each Level Two site will link to and from a particular Level One site. So it acts like a satellite to the Level One site. It will have a different webmaster from the Level One site.

3 - Small website

Here there will be a structure for, say, 16 or 24 new pages to be added but there will be no Showcase. The person building one of these smaller sites will be called an Assistant or Web Assistant and maybe they are getting experience and training under the wing of a webmaster for a Level One or a Level Two site. Many people managed to put up a page or two for Project 2800 who had no previous experience of website work. So this is not too much of a challenge, just a little bit broader in scope. We can provide the whole website design.

Links Outside The Project

All the websites will have a place for links to any local Sahaja Yoga websites, for links to the particular National website and to the International website at
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