National Websites

If your country does not have a National website for Sahaja Yoga, then try to build one. That is more important for you than Project 108 ! For example, some countries have pages as part of the International site but not their own website.

Local Websites

It is also a good idea to make a website covering Sahaja Yoga for your local district if there is none. The address for this can be added to the publicity given out for any public meetings. This is like Marketing as opposed to Sales. If you hand out leaflets to the public with some details about Sahaja Yoga or Meditation plus a web address it looks quite professional. That local website would also have the National and International sahaj website links and perhaps a link to a Project 108 Level One site within the country.

Website Hosting

It is important to remember that we need webspace without advertisments being placed on the pages or pop-up windows generated by the web server. It is not OK to have a pop-up window appear which advertises a web Casino or a Movie Star or similar. No ads please. There are places where even free webspaces have no ads to interfere with the presentation of Sahaja Yoga. You will probably need to pay something for good quality webspace, but not too much. It is not expensive now, if you look around.

Links Between Websites

There will be a couple of Master Indexes of the project's websites around the world. First index is for Level One websites, organised by country. There will be links to each Level One site and they will link back to this index. Second index is for small sites, organised by country. There will be links to each small site and they will link back to this index.

The Level Two sites will link to and from the associated Level One sites.

The master indexes will initially be held on the project's home website but I believe there is good advantage in replicating them or transferring them to a set of small special purpose websites hosted around the world, e.g. one in UK, one in Canada, one in Australia, etc. These individual project index sites would themselves be registered with search engines and might contain some varied content about matters spiritual or about Sahaja Yoga or Meditation by way of justification.

Let's say we will have at least 4 such index sites. If other people will run them and keep them updated then I would like to see about 7 hosted around the globe. We are going to be taken seriously by the search engines. Also, just think how many countries there are. These index sites will be quite large if you have a page of links for each country, but again, simple in structure.
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