Upgrading Websites

If an Assistant finds some more time or enthusiasm they could modify their small site to be like a Level Two site. Whether they change their linking and indexing from the master index to being a satellite of a Level One site - Well, I don't know yet. Let's see how it goes. There is no 'problem' as such.

Secondly, a Level Two Webmaster may decide to add the Showcase and make the site a Level One site. They should alter the linking to be direct to and from the project master index for Level One and they should try to train at least one other Level Two webmaster.

(Don't get lost in the details. This is a large software design but we can handle the complexity. Overall it may be a large network but locally the situation is simple and it should not be hard to see where you fit.)

Promoting The Websites

How will people on the Internet discover the new sites which the project has created? That is a large topic and will be the subject of other notes. There will be some regular ongoing work required to promote each of the sites, on its own. The linking structure will also assist the discovery of the sites.

You could also make small leaflets and distribute to the public. Or just add the details to any leaflets you already produce for advertising Sahaja Yoga.

This note about Project 108 Websites ends here.

John Peirson
28 April 2002
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