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Folk Club Meetings In Broughton Astley

At The Red Admiral pub, normally every Thursday evening, around 8.30 p.m. For details contact Paul
on (01455) 202 246 or John on (01455) 286 708.

Broughton Astley Film Society

The Parish Council contacted people interested in the idea of forming a group which would
screen films at the Village Hall on a regular basis.

A public meeting was held on 23 May 2000. A second meeting was arranged to discuss the matter further.
The stories below were reported in the "Broughton Angel" on-line newspaper. To find out what is
going on currently, try to contact Steven Clark, who became the group's first Chairman. You will find
him at Broughton-Astley.Co.Uk, or try telephoning Tony Wevill (below).

"Film Society Launched" - 5 August Story

The Inaugural Meeting of a Film Society (not 'Club') was arranged for Thursday 3rd of August
at the Village Hall. This followed a second public interest meeting on Tuesday 4th July and
subsequent activity of a steering committee of volunteers.

At the second public meeting there were roughly 15 people and some apologies for absence.
The lack of a significant increase in local interest since the first meeting did not deter a keen
group from moving further, with Councillor Mrs. M.H. Kelman in the driving seat.

See the section below for the earlier history.

"Film Club Launch In The Balance" - 23 June Story

Around 15 people attended a meeting on 23rd May to discuss the formation of a club which
would show films at the Village Hall on a regular basis and Mr. Tony Wevill of 30, Darwin
Close volunteered to be initial Secretary cum Technician. The club would be able to show
films both old and modern and would make a moderate charge of, say, 2.50 for viewing.
Similar clubs have been successful elsewhere, for example in Market Hubberton but little
information was available about how they had started up or about numbers attending or
running costs, etc. The club could cater for all ages and even organise matinees or cartoon
sessions for younger people.

Initially screen, sound and projection equipment would need to be purchased and the large
capital cost would require applications for grants.

It was agreed that more people needed to express interest if the club was to go ahead and
for that purpose there should be more advertising, with a request for interested parties to
contact Mr. Wevill or the Parish Office. The Parish Council is promoting the formation of
this club but it would be run by local residents.

There is to be a further meeting on Tuesday 4th July at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.
If enough information and interest is in evidence, then most likely a committee would be
formed to take matters further.

The club would be quite a large social undertaking. There would be groups of helpers
involved in many categories and covering many age ranges and skills such as:

  • Door Staff and Ushers
  • Management Committee
  • Technical Team
  • Advance Sales
  • Publicity
  • Catering
So, if you or your family might sometimes like to watch or help with a movie without leaving
Broughton Astley, please contact Tony Wevill, telephone (01455) 285 498 or the Parish Office.
Don't leave it up to somebody else. And if you can, please attend the July meeting.

Broughton Astley Village Hall

The Village Hall Management Committee is keen to offer hall facilites for a
broad spectrum of community uses.

Some events are organised by the Parish Council itself. Ask at the Office for
details of "Broughton Promotions".

(Winter 1999)

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