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The Broughton Angel Is Back

  The local news had not been updated recently. All in a good cause, the Editor has removed references to internet training, duck 'farming' and the Primethorpe Post Office moving into the Spar shop!

Parish Poll In November * See result below

  The Harborough District Council will soon carry out a poll of registered voters in Broughton Astley. The result and the consequences of the poll may be of great political significance. The topic will be as follows, or something equivalent:

"Do you want a national referendum on the EU Reform Treaty? Yes or No?"

A few years back the European Community tried to install a Constitution but that was effectively vetoed by some national referendum results, which went against the proposals. Now those vetoed proposals have resurfaced in the guise of an EU Reform Treaty. Some people assert that the treaty is quite different from the Constitution. Some assert that it is almost identical. Both views cannot be correct.

At the time of the deliberations on the Constitution, the UK had been promised a referendum on it. However, the UK Government is saying that there will be no referendum on the Reform Treaty because it is simply not needed. Who can you believe? That is the issue!

In recent years the credibility or integrity of UK politicians has come under much scrutiny. Many people do not trust politicans now and that throws into question the efficacy of our Parliamentary style of government. If our elected representatives in Parliament cannot to be trusted to decide on important issues, then for what are we paying their salaries?

Polling will take place on 1st November 2007, at Broughton Astley Village Hall, between 4.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m.

It is worth emphasising that the poll is not about whether we agree with the EU Reform Treaty, it is about whether we would like the matter to be dealt with via a national referendum.

There is some more information here:
and in The Times:  We Must Stand Up To This Cynical Stitch-up

Stop Press 1st November - Poll Result

Votes for a referendum: 760 (approx. 95%), against: 41,
spoilt papers: 1

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