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"From John Hyde" - 3 March 2002

Poor Roads in Broughton Astley

As a lorry driver from Croft Quarry, I travel through Broughton Astley on a
regular basis. I have noticed the speed of cars is getting faster every day.
I travel through the village at the required speed which is 30 mph. I notice a lot
of cars intimidating and trying to force me to go faster before they finally
overtake me. As reported in the Lutterworth Mail a few months ago, more car
drivers who lived in the village were caught speeding by police speed traps, no
lorries were caught speeding as usual. Why are the lorry drivers who travel
through Broughton Astley, safely and quietly, being persecuted by a minority
of residents?

John Hyde

"From Bethany Rogers" - 31 July 2001

Re: Poor Roads Letter of 12 March

Going through the website my attention was caught by the letter regarding the  
state of the roads in B/A. We live in Dunton Road and are actively seeking an
improvement in the road surface but more importantly an enforcement of the
30 mph speed limit which the majority of drivers seem to ignore at present.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

"From Tim Hayter" - 28 June 2001

Re: Poor Roads Letter of 12 March

Paul, as the roads through Broughton are quite poor in places I can thoroughly  
recommend that you drive through the village as quickly as possible, about
60-70 mph will take out the smaller problems such as potholes...

At least that's what everybody else does!


Tim (Resident)

[From the Webmaster: We had passed on Paul's concerns and here is the essence of
the reply that arrived -Roads near the Red Admiral are being improved Autumn 2001.
The road towards Leire will have to wait. Subject to routine safety inspections.]

"From Paul Bayliss" - 12 March 2001

Poor Roads

Hello. I'm writing to you to bring to your attention the state of the roads in
Broughton Astley (B/A).

1. The main road through the village and in particular outside the Red Admiral
public house. The road is littered with potholes, underfilling, over filling. I find it
quite difficult to steer sometimes.

2. The road from the junction with Six Acres running through to the turn for
Leire. Again this is littered with potholes, but mainly overfilling, causing the car
to bounce all over the road.

I trust that you being Councillors for the village of B/A will get in touch with the
relevant highways department and put my case across.

Yours hopefully, Paul Bayliss

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