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"From Paul Dovey" - 9 June 2000

The Village Website

I saw the website advertised on the noticeboard in our 'new' Co-op!
Congratulations on a most informative website based around the village.
I shall be looking in on the site often and hopefully contributing along with other
residents in the future. Wishing continued success with the site.

Paul Dovey (resident for five years)

"From Geoff White in Helsinki, Finland" - 15 May 2000

Hi John, I think the idea of a Broughton Astley site is fantastic!

...The village was perhaps the most impressionable part of my youth.   Although
I only lived there for two years from the age of 11 to 13, I feel as though it
belongs to me. It was a complete education.


[From the Webmaster: Geoff moved to BA from Nuneaton in 1949. Read his story in
The Broughton Chronicles, Part 1.]

"Relatives in Broughton Astley" - 8 May 2000

Hi: I came upon your site through Tinhatters Natter in The Hinckley Times.

If any of you know Bernard and Jean Burrows please tell them hello from
Margaret in North Carolina. We are cousins somewhat removed
(Bernard's Mother and my Grandmother were sisters).

I look forward to seeing your completed web site. You are now in my bookmark
file and I am e-mailing ex-Tinhatters in Canada with your web address.

Good luck. Margaret Tate

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